Oh yeah….I’m in Hawai’i

Why hello there.

So as you may have heard, I’m hanging out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with the boyfriend and a number of pineapples.  It’s pretty nice.  Sunshine, beach-time, and a pretty decent second interview later, I’m having a grand old time.  Not to mention I actually have time to do things that I enjoy now that I’m not working 40+ hours a week at le Coffee Shop.

The only person in the house of three I’m crashing at that doesn’t have a job is me so I’ve been trying to contribute by cooking up a storm and making some attempts at cleaning.  The truth is, I love to cook, but over the last three years I’ve either had no one else to cook for or had only a gluten intolerant picky person to cook for.  Now I have two soldiers who typically eat frozen dinners and hot pockets.  This makes me look like kind of a good cook.

When I’m not cooking or trying to convince someone to drive me to the beach, I’m reading, doing crossword puzzles and watching various people play Call of Duty: Black Ops….which kind of like watching a violent movie with no dialogue and no blood.  Not that bad, really.

Well, I’ve rambled on enough about all that.  If you’re interested in the hipster business that the boyfriend and I are up to on the island, check out http://www.hipsterseatingpineapples.wordpress.com or just click the link on my blogroll.  Out.


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