Extreme Ironing

My first reaction when a buddy of mine shared this link with me was “Of course this is a British thing”.  That’s probably why I had the immediate desire to grab my fancy iron and go on a hike.

No, they aren’t really kidding.   People actually do this.  Extreme ironing combines the thrill of doing, well, just about anything exhilarating with the “satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt”.  And that’s all well and good, but I’m thinking I should start extreme tea drinking.  Because balancing a full china tea set and finding a way to bring water to a boil on the top of a mountain is just way more exciting.


Ministry of Wobbly Walks

Few people wear high heels in Portland.  And when they do, it makes for all kinds of hilarity.

On the semi-cobbled sidewalks of PSU I watched a bleach blonde hobble along in six inch stilettos and a pencil skirt.  In the slick corridors of Powell’s Books, I watched a girl try and text while walking an invisible tightrope in her chunky boots.

Why is this so funny?  Everyone knows that Oregonians only feel comfortable in galoshes and cowboy boots.