What Exactly Is Raw Honey About?

I have been asking myself this question ever since my coworker started eating spoonfuls of honey instead of pastries.  Eating spoonfuls of honey is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, s I went out and bought myself some honey to keep at home.  Since buying local is an Oregonian habit, I grabbed the only Portland honey on the shelf (Wessels Family Honey).  The fact that it was “raw” didn’t even register with me until I got it home and filled up a spoon.

It tastes just like regular honey, maybe a little bit nuttier, if that’s possible.  So why should I care that it’s raw unless I was on one of those crazy raw foods diets that I’ll never understand?

To Google!

Raw honey is honey that hasn’t been heated/pasteurized before it hits the shelf.  Supposedly, when honey is heated it loses the yeast and enzymes that make your body produce vitamins and minerals (or something like that).  The heating process is meant to prevent your honey from fermenting and is also supposed to slow the crystallization process. There isn’t a uniform definition for “raw” honey so I’m not sure what’s inside my cute little bear container.  All I really care about is how delicious it tastes in my oatmeal.


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