After a nice break filled with familial drama and altogether too much rain, I’ve been urged to resume blogging.  I couldn’t say exactly why I stopped, except that all I’ve thought about in the last month are love and Hawaii ( though you could argue that I’ve thought of little else for the last six months, in fact).  Though it sounds like a fitting theme for a novel or some poetry, it didn’t seem right to blog about.

I finally broke the news to my parents that I plan on moving to Hawaii in June.  To say “finally” is a misrepresentation in that I broke that news to myself only a month ago.  Though I’ve brought this topic up in the past, my family isn’t pleased, to say the very least.  Like a coward, I’ve been keeping myself from them in the hopes that they’ll come around and let me keep my things in their garage while I’m away.

To wile away the time, I’ve occupied myself with the consuming task of reading all the things I’ve been putting off.  I started with Snowcrash and then immediately latched on to Still Life With Woodpecker by Tom Robbins.  Perhaps I’m being vain (or altogether too hard on myself) by saying that I feel exactly like the princess in that book;  She’s crazy, lovestruck, and wildly impractical, not to mention her rivetingly raw sex. There were moments when I wanted to buy two more copies of that book just so I could wallpaper my room with it.

Now I’ve moved on to Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  I didn’t know that love stories could still be written like this one.  Soul consuming, heart devouring, life altering love just doesn’t come around in literature anymore unless it’s married to drug addiction and the seedy underbelly of society.  The backdrop of old world traditions and a prose devoted to poetry make Florentino Ariza pop off the pages for me.  He recalls a type of love that was never socially acceptable to indulge in, but which has disappeared almost entirely from our career minded culture.

Other than nourishing my heart with the words of lovestruck writers, my world has been consumed by little else than long baths, serving coffee, and cardio workouts.  That’s all she wrote, I guess.


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