Where Are The Professionals

I get linked to the best articles.  This one is about a couple of students who voluntarily demonstrated orgasms with a vibrator after their human sexuality course.   Since attendance was purely voluntary, the masturbation was voluntary, and students who attended were warned of the explicit nature of what they were about to witness, I don’t see a problem with it.

I can see why the university is somewhat up in arms about the whole thing.   The professor had to have known that this sort of display would cause a disturbance, especially with how quickly sexual news spreads on a college campus.  In hindsight, it really should have been taken it up with the head of the school.

But would that have meant that these students would have been deprived of the opportunity to see what their classmates willingly demonstrated?  I can’t think of anyone, let alone someone in a human sexuality course, who couldn’t benefit from observing an honest to goodness female orgasm.

What gets my goat about this article is that there are no professionals standing up to the opposition.  Sure, they cite students (some who weren’t even present) saying they think it’s cool and beneficial.  And don’t get me wrong, students are the professionals of the future, but where is everyone else?  Where are the human sexuality professors from other universities standing up for this practice?  Where are Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross?  Why isn’t anyone with clout being cited in favor of what happened?

For me, it isn’t a question of “why was this professor wrong?” but rather, “why aren’t more people excited about integrating this into future courses?”

Kinsey is probably rolling in his grave.


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