Ancient Dildos

Last night, Boyfriend sent me an article about ancient dildos.  Though I’d read a similar article about the dildo found in Germany a few years back, part of the more recent article caught my attention.

“‘Without doubt anyone alive at the time of its making would have seen the penile similarities just as easily as we do today,’ wrote Swedish archaeologist Martin Rundkvist on his blog, Aardvarchaeology.”

It suggests a culture where the male sexual organs were less of a taboo and more of a part of life.  It also conjures images of naked cavemen, prancing around and shaking their erect bits for everyone to look at.

But in all seriousness, when would women get a good enough look at an erection to immediately recognize it in art?  We have no idea how perfunctory sex may have been.  And since men were all uncircumcised in those days, a flaccid member wasn’t going to give anyone an idea beyond a burrito (but I don’t think they had burritos back then).  Without the media, there are a lot of women on our planet who would have no clue what a dildo looked like.

Of course, these “dildos” could have been for use only by men, the phallic shape representing only the intended user.   Men probably had a pretty good idea what their members looked like.  Masturbation has been around for pretty much ever.  Just see the bonobo.


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