The Foam Question

The other day,  Boyfriend and I had coffee at Public Domain (an edgy coffee shop on Broadway).  While admiring the sexy latte art on our coffees, we noticed that the barista had given both of us an intricate leaf pattern while the high-maintenance customer in front of us had gotten a simple, white, heart-like, glob.  It was, as Boyfriend remarked, as if the foam was being used to denote customer worth.

High-maintenance Lady had asked for a “no foam latte”.  In response to this request, Cashier put on a look that could have frozen iced coffee.  After collecting herself, she politely explained that while most everyone elses foam sucks, Public Domain foam actually rocks.  High-maintenance Lady bowed to the superior intellect of Cashier who bellowed “Don’t make her hate our foam” to the barista.  Heh.

Better customers get cuter lattes.  End of story.

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