Cheesy Cheese Cheese

I could never be vegan.  Maybe I’m just a horrible, unethical gal, but I LOVE CHEESE.  I just got back from my second trip to the gym today, and opened up the cheese (cancelling out my workout). I can’t watch a commercial about a sandwich with cheese on it without my mouth watering.

It doesn’t hurt that I am also the cheesiest person on the planet.   That mini graphic novel I’m working on for the Boyfriend is just about making me choke on my own vomit.  It’s cheesier than I dreamed that I was possible of creating.  Not to mention the drawing is pretty crappy.  Since yesterday was his birthday, I should probably go and finish that up.  Luckily (or really not so luckily, because I’d rather this didn’t have to be such an infrequent occurrence) he doesn’t roll in until Valentine’s Day.

If there were cheese taped to one of my pencils, I would be a lot more likely to drag my tired body over to the couch and start working on my next panel.  Or maybe a can of string cheese.  Or a tub of cream cheese, really . . .  What I need to invent is a tea that tastes like cheese.  I would totally buy it and drink it all the time.


2 thoughts on “Cheesy Cheese Cheese

  1. I was just telling Daniel how we should just make the sweet old frigidaire that’s built into our wall into a Cheese Closet. :))

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