Binge Drinking Tea

A rockin’ tea party has been scheduled for this evening.  All I have to do is convince myself to get in the shower first.  After a thirty minute session on the treadmill (my first since the only time I tried it in high school) and pounding an Odwalla I’m beginning to regain my energy.  Running felt slightly less like death than the last time I did it (three years ago).  Maybe because I’ve been working up to it for a week on the stationary bike.  Now before you get on my case for doing cardio in a gym (such a heathen) I have a very good reason: cable television.

Since I can’t watch tv on my laptop (busted soundcard) and it’s impossible to get reception downtown without cable (and impossible to afford cable without a “real” job or roomates) having access to all the tv I could want at the price of doing cardio is awesome.  My tv time and my workout time have been joined which keeps my tv time down and my excercise up.

I’m feeling really lethargic after my dinner (same old stir fry with quinoa, but so good).  And I’m not really a health nut or particularly informed for that matter, so I have little else to say.  Except that I find it absolutely hilarious that the tv shows that keep me running hardest are home makeover programs.  That I watch.  While working out. In the basement of my apartment building.



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