Feelin’ Good

Last night, after getting home from my errands and going to the gym, I cooked myself a nice healthy stir fry and popped in a T.V. show I got from the library.  Now before I tell you that it was Grey’s Anatomy what it was, I want to make sure to reiterate that I am perpetually behind the times.   You should know this by now.  So, it was the first season of Grey’s Anatomy.  And I watched the ENTIRE season in one night.  Last night.

This may not sound like as much of a bad idea to you as it actually was (or maybe you’re already rolling your eyes and closing my blog) but I had to wake up at six a.m. after this pathetic marathon.  And let me tell you, it is not easy to get restful sleep when you’re having dreams about nothing but tumors and heart attacks.  I could seriously never be a doctor, but I knew that before I watched this show.

Now I can barely wait to get my hands on the second season (ordering it from the library right now).  I used to have a really hard time watching medical dramas.  After the first two seasons of House, I gave up on them completely.  But I’ve been on a bit of a health kick lately – going to the gym, cooking at home with lots of vegetables, drinking wheatgrass and lots of green tea – which makes watching these shows a little easier.  Part of me can’t handle how unfair life is.  People who do everything right to their bodies can die in a moment.  That’s the worst part.

But there’s more to it than the overwhelming sense of unfairness and dread.  As I continued to watch, I saw how easily people who were hard on their bodies died.  How hard it was to operate on them or keep them going mentally.  And though I know it isn’t real medicine and different things happen in the real world hospitals all the time.  It’s inspiring nonetheless.

So, even though I only got five hours of sleep last night, I got my butt to the gym again this afternoon, cooked up my remaining stir fry, and made a nice big cup of green tea.  And I’ve never felt better in my life.


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