Packing Light

My trip to Seattle was beautiful.  More beautiful than I remembered or hoped.  However weird it makes me, I truly enjoy the whole process of traveling.  From the peaceful morning ride on the lightrail, to the long wait at security, I loved it.  From the Ethiopian cab driver, to the hours of Washington landscape rushing past, I devoured it.

I am a notorious over-packer when it comes to packing my suitcase.  I always add three extra books, a few extra pairs of shoes, and way too many accessories to my overstuffed bags.  This time I only let myself take my messenger bag for the trip.  Granted, it was an overnight, but this was a big step for me.  I ONLY packed four books (two were graphic novels, so lets not even count those actually . . .)

I never realized how freeing it is to travel with very little.  There’s less to worry about when you aren’t tied to the location of your suitcase.  As I walked from car to car on the train, I thought to myself I could do this.  I could travel every day and see any part of the world and be truly magnificently happy.  I love seeing new places and feeling new things.

Wouldn’t that be the life?  Not just being in new and different places, but getting there.  Going through airport security to watch the people fueling airplanes.  Eating trail mix and drinking burnt coffee to watch the ocean roll by.  Waiting in the rain and holding on for balance in the bus to cross the river and see the rest of the city.  Instead of reading about it in my books, I hope I live it.  Someday.  And maybe I can’t live the past that I read about, but I can see the places where it happened.  And maybe I can’t live in the fantasy worlds of my favorite authors, but I can see the places that inspired them.  Someday, I hope.


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