My Superpower

Apparently my superpower is the ability to nap wherever, whenever, and in any possible position.  I just slept through an entire episode of a show I really want to watch. At my friend’s house.  With a cat on my feet.

Maybe it was because of the cat on my feet, but I’m feeling incredibly rested.  Not rested enough to write a decent blog post, apparently.  I’m still quite groggy.

I have a lot on my mind.  Maybe that’s the real reason I took a nap.  I’m thinking of moving in with a friend of mine, making it through the second interview for a new job, and saving money to move to an island.  These things are beginning to have potential solutions. Happy me.  Also tired, groggy, me.

I feel bad for writing a filler blog post today, especially after my strange blog post last night.  But I just don’t have the mental capacity right now.  I mostly just have the desire for another nap. Maybe some snacks.


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