I’ll Just Have A Mocha

As soon as you begin mentally drafting a blog post about some misconception about coffee or an absurd order you’ve come across, one of your regulars will undoubtedly come in and order it.

Today I planned on writing a post about people who condescend to frequent coffee shops even though they are vehemently opposed to caffeine.  Some of these people come in and tell me specifically that they don’t want the caffeine of a latte . . . so they’ll have a mocha.

So, though one of my sweetest regulars came in and made the same mistake by accident, I have to tell those of you who think that a mocha has less caffeine than a latte . . . you are wrong.  A mocha not only has the same amount of caffeine as a latte or an americano it has the added bonus of containing chocolate and SUGAR.  So next time you think you’re going to get out of all that caffeine by ordering yourself a nice chocolaty mocha, get a hot chocolate.


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