Colin Firth For Dinner

After a grueling Sunday shift at the Coffee Shop, all I wanted was a comfortable seat and something pretty to look at.  With Colin Firth’s new movie, “The King’s Speech” I got both of those things.

Though at times the Richard III references bordered on over the top, I found the whole movie clever and touching.  From moment to moment the entire theater shifted from raucous laughter to group swoon to awkward silence.  This movie picked up our spirits and moved us, like any good speech should do.

Throughout the entire movie, I was amazed at the Geoffrey Rush’s character, Lionel.  I kept thinking that is exactly the type of therapist I hope to be someday. Though I would like to be a sexual therapist, I have only completed my undergraduate degree.  A lot of people come to me with questions about sex, for advice, and just to talk about the things they are otherwise uncomfortable discussion.  For anyone who has seen the movie, you will see why, in the end, Rush’s character was ultimately so touching for the place I am in at this point in my life

Helena Bonham Carter was her quirky self, Firth was dreamy (to be fair, he was also incredibly convincing with his stutter as well), and everyone brought this world to life.  Firth’s adherence to his character brought the moments of cursing and breakthroughs to a whole new level of reality.  And who couldn’t find Firth’s reunion with Ehle (who played opposite him in the ever famous BBC A&E “Pride and Prejudice”) completely adorable?

Today may have been all rain, work, and bitchy customers.  But at least I got to have Colin Firth for dinner.  And it was tasty.




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