A Little Hyperbole in the Morning

Under the guise of running an errand to the bank in order to procure change for the Coffee Shop, I have made my great and final escape.  It is likely that my pressence will not be missed for another twenty minutes.  By that time I should be safely aboard my private jet to the family castle in an undisclosed location.

What is known to no one, is that I am secretly next in line for the throne.  Which throne, you ask?  Well I’ll get to that.  What’s important right now is that I’ve been disguised as a college student for the past four years.  And now that my time has been served, I find it completely unnecessary to remain at my post.  I am also sure that my parents meant to recall me after my graduation, and that the summons was simply lost in the mail. American postal service grumble grumble….

NEVERTHELESS!  Armed with what little provisions I could procure under such short notice, I am currently aboard MAX (which incidentally was built in order to facillitate speedy access to my secret family airport).  Unfortunately, my fellow MAX patrons are unaware of my status.  One such individual has spent the duration of our journey in a pointed examination of the bottle of vanilla syrup protruding from my bag.

I am beginning to grow concerned that no one aboard this train is aware of this train’s destination.  No one is supposed to know about my secret airport, so why do all of these people have luggage?  Where do they think they are going.  Must investigate.

All hopes are dashed.  I have been discovered.  My destination was just announced over the loudspeakers.  Must exit train.

After hurling myself from the train a mere three stops early, I have finally recovered the tea that was jostled from my bag in the fall.  Will have to attempt another escape soon, but for now, may be able to make it back to the Coffee Shop before anyone notices I was gone.


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