Hiccup In Our Affair

Drinking a hot cup of black coffee in the morning used to inspire me to face the world.  When I had my first cup of coffee after a month of abstinence, I felt terrible.

In the middle of August, I promised myself that I would give up my favorite drink (coffee, in case it wasn’t obvious) for Ramadan.  I’m not a Muslim but my boss and a number of my friends are.  Having observed some of the different impetuses that drive them to observe this month of fasting, I was inspired me to do something myself.

The problem with this whole scenario is that I’m not known for my willpower.  In fact, there is a group of people that sticks around to live vicariously through my lack thereof.  Needless to say, nobody thought I’d make it through this month.

But I did it! HA.

When Eid (the festival marking the end of Ramadan) rolled aroundl, I staged my own personal celebration.  That morning I tottered over to my kitchen (only a few convenient steps from my bed), wiped the dust from my French press, and made myself a fresh cup of coffee.  The taste was all right but the after effects were pretty devastating. The caffeine hit me like a ton of brick margaritas.

I totally lost it.  After freaking out at my blow drier, slamming the dishes around in my sink, and hating myself for not being in grad school, I put down the coffee mug. Granted, everybody has mornings like that (and if you don’t, I’m having you added to a very special government list under “robot”) but the correlation was too wack.

It’s been about three weeks since I started drinking coffee again, but I’m not back up to the full calliber I once was.  In the morning I drink a strong cup of ginger tea (with enough black pepper to last you till next week) and a cup of vanilla chai instead of my usual double shot of espresso (I’m a barista with a weak spot for some fine Italian beans).  I feel a lot more chill now than I ever did. 

So in the end I guess I accomplished what I set out to imitate: I kicked an addiction I didn’t even know I had!


Savoring Autumn

I like to mark the seasonal changes by circulating my primary teacup.  Last week I broke out this pumpkin-shaped-beauty.  Sipping on a cup of steaming pumpkin spice tea is the perfect time to reflect on what this season brings.

Chai tea never tastes as good as it does in the Fall.  In Portland we’re spoiled by a tea house tucked away in a quaint house in Northwest that specializes in chai.  To kick off the season I visited Tea Chai Te with my fabulous girlfriend to partake of their city-famous pumpkin chai.  The tea warmed our souls and conversation and our return walk home was lit by the beautiful harvest moon.

Rain boots make everything better.  If you wear your rain boots (preferably pink ones with cupcakes on them…just sayin’) you have the option of romping through any kind of terrain.  Since it’s actually impossible to ascertain the likelihood of rain on any given day in the Pacific Northwest, these are a necessity and should be worn AT ALL TIMES.  Over and out (except not really because I have a whole list of things ahead of me).

Walking to work is a precious thing that will be absolutely miserable at 6 am in a couple of months.  Fall is the perfect time to get absurdly bundled up (and I’m talking leg warmers, mittens, ear muffs, the works) and have absolutely nowhere to stow said cold weather paraphernalia when the sun decides to poke its face out in the middle of the afternoon.  I dig it.

Literature is always amazing, but reading Victorian mysteries or about Heathcliff sulking around the moors takes on an additional layer of awesome when the dead leaves are rustling around outside and the kettle is whistling on the stove.

Pumpkin carving and crafty nights. That’s pretty much it.  Who doesn’t love getting their elbows buried in pumpkin gore before they knit a cap?  Anyone? Anyone? Nope.  Everybody loves this.

Happy Autumn!